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[10 Apr 2015|02:02pm]

I've got lightning if the stars dry up to guide me.

Player Name: Whit
Relevant Contact Info: herkissofshame(at)gmail(dot)com

Character Name: Herah Adaar
Fandom: Dragon Age
Media Type: Video Game
Arrival: April 2016
Canon: Y, with this particular DA canon
If applicable, describe your character's point in canon: post-DAI/Trespasser and after Thom Ranier's death.
If applicable, describe your character's place in the AU: N/A
What are your character's special skills?: She's a trained warrior and mercenary, led the Inquisition, and used to have a magic hand before it had to be removed. On the whole, great leader, messy person.
Job?: She's great at reaching out to potential allies, giving speeches, basically being a head for charity organizations. She'll also fight with the Assassins if necessary.
Housing: TBD.
Anything else we should know?: She romanced Blackwall and sent him back to the Wardens. Six months ago she received his badge and a griffon feather in the mail indicating his death. She's been in mourning ever since, albeit privately. There's always been a project to throw herself into, so she hasn't really dealt with her grief yet.
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